2pm - June 8th, 2024 - MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA

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Introduction to Swimwear Photography

Overview of Swimwear Photography:
Participants will learn about the aesthetics and techniques unique to swimwear photography, including showcasing swimwear designs and capturing the essence of beach culture

Understanding the Swimwear Market: Participants will learn about the different segments of the swimwear market and how to tailor their photography to appeal to specific audiences.

Ethics and Professionalism:
Participants will learn about the importance of professionalism, respect, and consent when working in swimwear photography, particularly when photographing models in revealing attire.

Location Scouting:
Participants will learn how to scout and choose suitable beach locations for swimwear photography shoots, considering factors such as lighting, scenery, and privacy.

Gear Preparation:
Participants will learn about the essential photography equipment for beach shoots, including cameras, lenses, reflectors, and waterproof cases

Wardrobe and Styling:
Participants will learn how to coordinate swimwear outfits, accessories, and props to create visually appealing and cohesive looks for the shoot.

Natural light:
Participants will learn how to harness the natural light available at the beach to create flattering and dynamic swimwear photographs, including techniques for shooting during different times of day

Reflectors and Diffusers:
Participants will learn how to use reflectors and diffusers to manipulate and enhance natural light for more controlled lighting effects.

Composition Principles:
Participants will learn about composition techniques specific to beach photography, such as framing with natural elements, utilizing leading lines, and capturing the movement of waves.

Swimwear posing: Participants will learn how to direct swimwear models to pose confidently and elegantly, emphasizing the features of the swimwear and the natural beauty of the beach setting.

Movement and Action Shots:
Participants will learn how to capture dynamic and engaging action shots of models in motion, such as walking along the shoreline or playing in the surf.

Creating a Relaxed Atmosphere:
Participants will learn how to create a comfortable and supportive environment for models, fostering collaboration and creativity during the shoot.

Beach safety:
Participants will learn about potential hazards and safety considerations specific to beach photography, such as tide conditions, sun exposure, and beach access.

Permits and Regulations:
Participants will learn about any necessary permits or regulations for conducting photography shoots on public beaches, including obtaining permission from local authorities and respecting beach rules and regulations.

Client Communication:
Participants will learn how to communicate effectively with clients, models, and crew members to ensure a smooth and successful beach shoot, including managing expectations, coordinating schedules, and providing clear instructions.

Hands-on Practice:
Participants will have the opportunity to practice swimwear photography techniques at a selected beach location, working with professional models provided by the workshop organizers.

The Introduction to Swimwear Photography workshop is taught by professional photographer Ed Sochacki. Each group class is 4 hours in length, and limited to a maximim of 6 photographers. Bookings are subject to availability and requires a 50% non-refundable deposit, once a date is confirmed. Please see package options below.


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Introduction to Swimwear Photography

Package Options

Select from one of two options available to enhance your experience.

Basic Package
Includes one hour of instruction throughout the event
Two hours of Beach/Swimwear shooting
Professional AGENCY Models included
All moodels come wardobe-ready with professional hair and make-up
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Enhanced Package
Includes one hour of instruction throughout the event
Two-hour shooting session (with models)
Includes bonus digital editing workflow review after the event at a nearby restaurant. Please bring your laptop.
Follow-up one-on-one GoogleMeets review session to provide feedback on the participant's photos, on a scheduled basis.
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