The AGENCY Video Collection

Small Hours - a Fashion Video

Emerging from a cocoon of creativity, the Small Hours collection by Alicia Perrillo comes to life with Marleigh and Christine.

Unravelled - with Monika

The steam starts to rise when model Monika turns on her charm as she enjoys her stay at Axis in Chicago.

The Lake Geneva Swimwear Shoot

It's a combo Land and Sea adventure when Victoria, Emma, Karlee and team invade Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

2019 KIOUS Ohio Reformatory Event

The AGENCY team returns to the scene of the crime. It's the 2019 Kious OSR shoot with friends across the Midwest.

Famous - a Video Teaser

A boring Saturday gives way to a just-for-fun downtown Chicago video challenge with AGENCY model Sofia.

The Miami Photo Excursion

Sofia and Ed take on Miami in their first AGENCY destination trip. Even a roadside arrest can't stop magic from happening.

Fast and Furious - Supercar Shoot

When 2,000 American horsepower combine with leather and lace, it's not just burning rubber causing a smokescreen.

2018 KIOUS Ohio Reformatory Event

The 22-hour weekend shoot at Ohio State Reformatory launches the first of many AGENCY photo challenges to come.

Brothers Grimm - The Fairytale Photoshoot

Those that can do. Those that can't can only dream. Ed Sochacki decides to find out if he can cut it as a pro photographer.

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