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AGENCY Models and Photographers is a team of dedicated fashion professionals who work together to make beautiful fashion photography. Since Ed Sochacki started AGENCY in 2017, it has grown from its humble beginnings to become a well-known fashion company known for its teamwork, professionalism, and interesting photoshoots.

The roots of AGENCY can be traced back to June 2011 when then-marketing firm owner Ed Sochacki purchased his first camera for sports and food photography. This initial foray into sports/action and tabletop photography laid the foundation for what would become a soon-to-be-successful career in fashion photography.

It wasn't until May 2016 that Sochacki began shooting fashion for the first time. Prior to this, he had primarily focused on sports and food photography. However, this shoot sparked his interest in fashion photography, and he began to attend photography/model meet-up events to hone his skills and find modeling talent to collaborate with.

AGENCY officially launched in July 2017 with their first beach shoot. A few months later, fighting the freezing cold November temperatures of Chicago, Sochacki worked with models Monika Vega Filipek and Jennifer Raelynn for the first time at an abandoned cathedral location. This marked the beginning of a successful collaboration between models and photographers. In the same year, Sochacki put out his first color photo series with a common theme. He also continued to get models from the area interested in working with him until the new year.

In 2018, AGENCY was formalized as an official organization, with models Monika, Sofia, Jennifer, Victoria, and Christine. The team kept working hard and made beautiful fashion photos that were published in a dozen magazines. They also released their first swimwear and fashion issue, further showcasing their talent as a team. AGENCY has since been published in over 20 different publications, including Dezire Magazine, The ULTRAVIOLET Magazine, and SOUR Magazine.

AGENCY continued moving forward in 2019 with their first fashion show for a good cause. Models Victoria Dior Shivon, Christine, Monika, Kylie, Sasha, Michaela, and Liv walked in the event that featured four amazing Midwest fashion designers. The team continued to grow, having successful first shoot with models Karlee D’Asto and Skylar Mann who were both quickly added to the roster of talent.  

In 2020, AGENCY continued to thrive, working with elite award-winning fashion designer Alicia Perrillo. With Perrillo, AGENCY found a talented partner and has since had many  

successful photoshoots and collaborations, such as the "Hay There" group shoot with models Christine, Sasha, Sofia, and Rebecca; the "Slip Away" collection shoot with models Sasha, Rebecca, and Chadon; and the "Side-by-Side" collection shoot with Chadon, Sasha, and Carmen. These successes eventually led to working with Perrillo on her Someday Girl collection, which was shown at New York Fashion Week in September 2022.

AGENCY works hard to make beautiful fashion photos that push the limits of motion and color while capturing the essence of fashion. The team tries to make a place where people feel welcome and cared for. This has helped it attract new talent in the modeling industry and get the attention of designers all over the United States.  

One of the most significant advantages that AGENCY offers is the breadth of experience that its models bring to the table, with all having a proven track record of success in the fashion industry, working the runway, as well as extensive studio and location experience for commercial shoots.  

AGENCY's success is their ability to adapt and evolve. The team is always looking for new and innovative ways to create - continually experimenting with different lighting, posing, and composition techniques with every opportunity they have available. "It’s not always about today that counts... it’s the experience gained through practice which pay dividends tomorrow," said Sochacki. "Our team enjoys the work we create together, which is a rarity these days as many in the industry are more interested in hopping from person to-person. We’ve done a great job of not boring our clients, and ourselves," he said.

As AGENCY continues to evolve, they remain committed to their core values of teamwork, innovation, and dedication. They are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to convey clients’ visions into stunning imagery while providing their clients with the highest level of service and quality.

Looking to the future, AGENCY has big plans as they are eager to expand their reach and provide their talents to an even wider audience. Workshops for photographers will be coming in 2023, and destination events are already in the works, with AGENCY launching its first International modeling/portfolio-building/runway workshop for models July of 2023.

AGENCY Models and Photographers is excited to continue pushing the limits of what is possible and are excited to keep creating work for clients in the years to come. Whether it's commercial work with well-known designers, helping up-and-coming fashion models get noticed, or giving workshops to help aspiring photographers get into the business, the team looks forward to the future.
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